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My first YA novel DJ Rising was recently released so I guess it's fair to say that I'm a fiction writer. But at the same time I kind of don't consider myself a writer at all. Blogging definitely isn't easy for me, but we'll see how it goes... ;-)


Rain, rain... hey wait, where ya going?

It's a trip seeing how fouled out and funky people get when it rains. You say good morning to someone and ask how they are and they say ew, it's raining and wet and where's the sun and oh it's so horrible I can't handle it and how oh how will I survive and blah blah blah. If you think this is a California thing, well, yeah okay, fair enough. We're spoiled rotten with good weather and quick to complain on a gray day. But I'm here to say that I feel sorry for the rain. It just seems so unfair to chant "rain, rain go away, come again another day." The thing is, the rain does go away and when it comes back everyone is mad at it again. Where is the justice in that!?! Where's the humanity, people? I mean, it came again another day like you asked it to, right? What if the rain were you or me? How would it feel to be so unwanted?

Sometimes I do picture rain as a person - ridiculed, bullied, huddling in a corner with it's hands covering up its head trying to protect itself while everyone hurls rocks and chants hurtful verses. Crying hysterically ... well, maybe not crying, I'm not sure how that would work if you're already 100% water. I'm just saying - be nice to the rain. It can hear you and you are hurting its feelings. Sure everyone loves the sunshine, bright and warm and happy and beautiful. But the rain is beautiful too. Rain doesn't give you sunburn or bake you to the core. Rain doesn't cause cancer. It doesn't wreak havoc with its unbearable humidity or dry heat and it doesn't make you sweat buckets right before your big date. Without the rain how would the flowers grow? You wouldn't deny their beauty now would you? You wouldn't tell them to go away. How would the trees stand tall and majestic and full of oxygen without the rain? Think of the lakes, the rivers, the ocean, the beauty that water becomes after it's fallen. Rain is like a free shower you don't even have to stop what you're doing to take - cool and refreshing and only slightly peppered with smoggy soot.

Me, I think the rain is more beautiful than the sun. I welcome it's sadness, smile at it's darkness, live to curl up in it's rhythmic pitter-patter against my window panes as I cuddle in my sheets or warm by a crackling fire. I welcome its gray shadows hovering over all the downtown office buildings, reminding me I'm not missing a thing being at work. Rain is beautiful just as all nature is beautiful and it is mighty just as all nature is so much mightier than our wee little souls. I say drop that umbrella and lift your face to the sky and thank it for making our world beautiful. We are made up of mostly water anyway so the way I figure it we're practically related to the rain, right? I think we should thank rain - thanks for visiting, thanks for caring, thanks for being you - so sexy and powerful and wet! Rain, it is always good to see you.

So when it comes again another day? Remember that you told it to! That's pretty much all I have to say about that. Except for one more thing - Life is meant to be lived. We have to try to experience every moment to its fullest as often as we can. One day, when you're traveling in "miserable" weather and it's storming and the wind is blowing your umbrella inside out (how come no one blames anything on the wind? or on the inventor of the umbrella?), one day when you can barely push forward through the freezing wetness and every sidewalk corner greets you with an ankle deep puddle, just stop. Stop right where you are! Drop that now broken umbrella you were going to lose in a week anyway and live in the moment. Dance in the rain. Dance I say! Appreciate everything it has to give the world and tell it how beautiful and smart and sweet you think it is. Treat the rain like you'd want the rain to treat you. And then dance some more. Splash and play and sing and dance in the rain. And invite me cuz I'd love to dance with you. You're a good dancer though, right?

In closing, I say "come back soon rain. I, for one, am really, really missing you!"

I say, "rain, rain stay a while, won't cha? Let's have tea together."

Try not to get my hair wet though, mmkay?

Naw, I'm just messing with ya rain. I just like to see you laughing... in the rain...

So you go on and do your thing: light showers? pummeling hail? whatever you're in the mood for.

Do you, rain! Do you!

Oh rain...

Sweet rain...

Dang, rain... I freakin LOVE every last drop of ya!

Yours always,


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